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ReGenesis is a series of found "action shots" of the artistic reproduction of works found in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, one of the oldest and largest collections of fine art in the world. Today, for $3800, an exact replica of any one of the paintings in the collection can be painted—sans an artist's signature—by a team of anonymous artists.

Exploring the material production of "great art" and re-creation, the move from cohesive original to fragmented replica raises questions of narrativity, agency and historicity. Rather than championing the whole, finished painting, ReGenesis is a series of pedestrian details, complete with the artist’s working hand. As such, it draws our attention to both the means and the medium, thus re-contextualizing the original “message."

As a collection of versions or versions of versions, ReGenesis examines the role of imperial painting in forming a white, Western sensibility while simultaneously inviting technology to challenge and re-articulate the canon itself. In the move from public/original to private/replica, questions of access, authenticity and authorship emerge. What is the status of the original? The copy? And what are the implications for the artist, the collector, the public, the Internet and fine art in general?

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